Chiropractic from the Front Office Manager

Chiropractic from the Front Desk

Posted: August 30, 2016
By: Julia Criswell

  Hi! I’m Julia, the Front Office Manager at Triplett Family Chiropractic, located in Madison, Ga! When I started this job, I had no idea that I’d love my job as much as I do.… and that is thanks to the WONDERFUL team I work with and the amazing patients that allow us to be a part of their health care and lives.
  To give you an idea of my many roles I take part in each day would be next to impossible! I’ve answered phones, scheduled appointments, verified and billed with insurance companies, been a listening ear for others, and held babies while moms/dads get adjusted… with everything else in between! :) I absolutely LOVE what I do and appreciate knowing that while Chiropractors are improving lives every day, SO AM I!
   It’s the joyful feeling you get when you listen as a patient that has been in an auto accident and hit by a vehicle going 45mph, express how much better they feel as they come in. When Robert, an 72 year old man, tells you that because of his weekly visits here, he can now resume cutting his own lawn with very little pain. The joy of watching a patients 2 year old son, who has Down Syndrome, take his first steps. The frantic phone call from the mom of an old year old who had a chronic ear infection say to me over the phone, “I need Dr. Vanessa to work her magic on him” as we schedule the appointment. It’s the little things that make it worth while.
  Let us help you, begin a healthy lifestyle!

“A man’s health can be judged by which he takes two at a time – pills or stairs.” – Joan Welsh