5 Reasons To Get Adjusted During The Holidays

5 Reasons To Get Adjusted During The Holidays!

Posted: November 28, 2016
By: Julia Criswell

Madison-Ga-ChiropractorThe holiday season is upon us with that comes family time, food and laughter! It also brings stress, headaches, weight gain and other things we dislike. The holidays are a blessing in disguise for some and can be a very stressful time for many. While you are counting your blessings this holiday season, make sure to include your health! During this time, it is also easy to get wrapped up in everything and forget to take care of yourself. Putting others first occasionally can be beneficial, but when it is constant, the toll on your body can be huge. Here are 5 reasons to put your health first this season and get adjusted!

•   Holiday Travel - AAA projects that 48.7 million Americans will travel 50 miles or more during this holiday season, an increase of one million travelers compared with last year. Sitting for extended amounts of time while driving or tensing up if you're driving in traffic, standing in lines at the airports or even sleeping in a different bed, it all takes a toll on your body. A chiropractic adjustment is a great solution for any of these occurrences. So before and after your travelling experience, get adjusted. Your body will say thank you!

•   Shopping - All those heavy bags and boxes that you're lugging around during your shopping outings can cause shoulder and elbow pain. Not to mention that department stores and malls have concrete floors and standing on them can cause back pain as well as knee pain. Transferring those boxes to your car and then into the house puts a strain on your back too! Make sure to use caution while shopping to avoid injury, but remember that most likely, Dr. Vanessa can put you back together so you don’t have to miss all the great deals.

•   Stress - Everyone knows the holidays can be stressful. Dealing with family members you disagree with or mediating family fights. Finding money to pay for expensive gifts, holiday meals or travel expenses. Many people are injured during the holidays because they get stressed out and forget to take care of themselves. So between cooking meals, wrapping gifts and catching up with friends and family, make sure to set an appointment to see your Chiropractor. After all, not only is she your Chiropractor, she’s your friend too!

chiropractic-adjustments•   Cold & Flu Season - Not only is it the holiday season it’s the season for the sniffles, colds and the flu! Staying indoors because of colder weather creates weaker immune systems, decreased vitamin D levels (lack of sunshine), and can all impact our overall health. Regular adjustments help keep your nervous system in check, boost the immune system, as well as strengthen the lungs and other organs. It also helps eliminate and excrete toxins in your body that can make us unhealthy. Chiropractic adjustments help to fight off ear infections, sinus drainage and other pesky cold symptoms! Use it to prevent and treat many conditions so that you and your family can stay healthy this year.

•   Bad Weather - Living in Georgia, where the weather is subject to change from one extreme to the other within the week, means that you have to be prepared! Even though we are not snow covered yet, we could be! More than 116,800 people are injured in vehicle crashes on snowy, slushy or icy pavement annually. That’s not covering the injuries due to falling on ice, shoveling, skiing & snowboarding etc... It is important to get to see your chiropractor immediately if any of these things happen. You may not feel the pain until hours or days after the injury happens and during that time you may have been causing more damage to yourself. Getting adjusted will help the healing process and prevent further damage.

With all that being said, Triplett Family Chiropractic wishes you a safe and healthy holiday season. Make sure you’re on our mailing list, so you can join us for upcoming holiday events and have access to our monthly newsletters.